Laura Owens

Personal Trainer and Online Coach

Do you struggle with confidence?

Do you find it hard to stick to a workout plan?

Do you find the world of fitness a scary place?

If you can relate to any of these then I believe I'm the personal trainer for you!

  • I specialise in helping beginners & intermediates find the confidence and motivation to reach their goals.  

  • I give you the support and guidance needed throughout your time working with me whilst ensuring that you will have the knowledge to continue training long into the future. 

  • I help pinpoint triggers and patterns which may have stopped you sticking to a programme in the past and show you how to overcome these obstacles to find consistency.

  • My training style is friendly and kind to the body but with a results centred approach so you can get into shape all whilst having fun with someone you trust!

If you are ready to make the change... Start today. 


Jo Hansen

I would highly recommend Laura- her sessions are great fun, well prepared and really produce results. In the past two months I've dropped a dress size and I'm leaner, stronger and fitter than I've been in years!  

Emer Murphy

I highly recommend PT sessions with Laura.  I started some PT sessions before my wedding and have not looked back since.  Laura is efficient, encouraging and good-humoured.  She is always on time and enthusiastic.  Having PT sessions with Laura is like out-sourcing motivation, which for me is a god send.  Five stars!


Harriet Dunstan

I initially started training with Laura a couple of years ago, merely as a way to get a bit of excercise and to try and lose a bit of weight. Since then Laura's totally changed the way I think about excercise! I no longer think of it as a chore and really look forward to my training sessions, as well as incorporating additional workouts into my week. Having even the most stressful work day can be relieved by an hour's session.


Laura's coaching style is one of the main reasons I love training with her. She quickly learned what makes me achieve the best results, pushing me when I doubt my abilities but also understanding that you're not going to be 100% strong every week. She's so encouraging and celebrates my achievements with me. Even outside of my sessions with her she's the first person I text when I've hit a new PB at my Saturday Park runs or reached another milestone with my weight loss. Knowing how proud she'll be of me drives me to keep hitting those goals!


I've lost 2.5 stone so far, dropping from a size 16 to a size 10 and I'm feeling and looking so much healthier than I've ever felt before. The only problem is that I have to keep buying new clothes becuase none of the old ones fit! I really can't thank Laura enough for all her expertise, support (and great chat!) and look forward to smashing even more goals with her.

Jenna Sichel

I tried a few trainers before Laura. She was definitely one of the most professional. She had a meeting with me before we started training and has given me exercises to do on my own. She's really enthusiastic and helpful and accommodating. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Laura Brady

Laura is great. I have problems with my knees and back so she has been a really big help getting me back into shape and making me stronger again. She really knows her stuff and has also given me other health recommendations including diet (which she is qualified to do aswell as make you fit!). Highly recommend her - the price quality ratio is the best you will get in London.

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