Invest in yourself today

I specialise in helping people to lose weight by using a combination of:

  • Weight training to improve functional movements, overall body composition and reduce risk of injury

  • Interval training to increase fitness levels, improve body composition and the cardiovascular system

  • Yoga style stretches, breathing and mobility techniques  


My style is friendly and kind but always with a results centered approach so you can get into shape all whilst having fun with someone you trust!

How you can invest in yourself today 

Trial Month

Designed specifically for beginners wanting to find out more about life with a personal trainer! 

  • This package includes:

  • 30 minute consultation and goal setting 

  • 4 x personal training sessions

  • Weekly check-ins and reviews 

  • Access to online home workouts (App based)

  • Access to example diet plan 

Peak PT 

  • Private personal training

  • Train where you choose

  • Access to online portal of workouts

  • Diet plan example

  • Recipe Ideas

  • Peak times = 6am - 8am + Weekends (Subject to availability)

Off Peak PT

  • Private personal training 

  • Train where you choose 

  •  Access to online portal of workouts

  •  Diet plan example

  • Recipe Ideas 

  • Off Peak = 8am- 5pm on weekdays

Group PT 

From 2-4 people. If you would prefer to workout with others then this is a perfect cost effective way to train!

Online Training

Train from anywhere in the world at a time that suits you. Perfect for people who don't live in London or would like a more cost effective way to workout.

Winter Special

Get ready to hit the mountains this winter with ski specific led exercises. 


"I wanted a PT. What did I get? a PT and more. A buddy to work out with in the morning sunshine. Outside in the park, where I'm at my happiest. We trained hard but the best thing it was fun. Every session was different. She EVEN got my head around burpee's. I don't hate now as much as I used to. I can't recommend Laura enough. The only reason we aren't still training is I had to move away with work. She made my summer after a very stressful year and bought be back to happiness, fit again but most importantly calmed my mind. Lots of love for this girl."

Victoria Saunders 

“Laura has been my personal trainer now for around 4 months and I still love and look forward to every session!. She really understands my needs and goals and makes the session fun but challenging. I am happy to say that I have lost over a stone and a half and would recommend Laura to anyone looking to get their dream body in a safe and friendly environment."

Judy B

"I have been training with Laura for several months now and in what feels like no time at all she has helped me to achieve some of the goals we discussed during our consultation. Laura has tailored sessions specifically to me with each session being varied and challenging but always enjoyable leaving me looking forward to our next session. I find Laura to be professional, supportive and incredibly motivational at the sometime as being lighthearted and fun. I have had personal trainers in the past but none who have taught me new ways to exercise and who have given such comprehensive advice on nutrition. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone."

Clare West Wickham

Training on offer:

  • Online 

  • 1:1 

  • Group 

  • Sport specific 

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Peak times:

6am - 8am 


After 4pm 

+ Weekends 

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