It's very normal to feel nervous before a snow holiday.


 Am I fit enough?

 Will I be able to keep up with other people? 

 Will I be aching for days after?

These are the most common questions I receive surrounding skiing and snowboarding. Through racing on both dry slopes and snow from a young age, combined with a Level 4 strength and conditioning qualification I am able to help focus on the best tailored programme to get you up and ready for your next trip away!


Whether you are a seasoned skier or this is your very first time I can tailor a program just for you.

Working with me will ensure that you: 

- Develop strength in the muscles required 

- Help recovery 

- Reduce the risk of injury

- Feel fitter throughout the day 

All of this will mean you can relax and enjoy apres more! 

The best news is you won't even need a gym if you aren't a member.

 Train with me online OR in person however you feel most comfortable and lets get you prepped!

Training on offer:

  • Online 

  • 1:1 

  • Group 

  • Sport specific 

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Peak times:

6am - 8am 


After 4pm 

+ Weekends 

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